Bee You Yoga is excited to announce that we are now a RCYS (Registered Children's Yoga School) recognized by Yoga Alliance.

BYY has launched it's 95 hour Kids Yoga teacher training that you may complete in order to become a Registered Children's Yoga Teacher (RCYT) with Yoga Alliance. *Please note, in order to be eligible to apply for RCYT designation you must first complete a Yoga Alliance recognized 200-hour teacher training.

Please visit the Yoga Alliance website for full list of requirements.

The Bee You Yoga 95 hour Teacher Training includes:

Level 1:

Learning to Teach Yoga to Kids ages 2-7
(18 hours)
*this training is a prerequisite for all other Bee You Yoga trainings

Level 2:

Yoga & Mindfulness for Tweens & Teens
(18 hours)

Advanced Teacher Training:

Yoga from infancy through Pre-school ages; Teaching Mindfulness to Kids; School Yoga & Mindfulness Programs
(18 hours)

Stretch What Matters Yoga for Special Needs Foundation Training:

(16 hours)

Bee You Yoga Mentorship Program:

Trainees may begin the mentorship portion of the certification after Levels 1 & 2 are completed.
(25 hours)

Bee You Yoga Mentorship Program

Bee You Yoga Mentorship Program:

The 25 hour mentorship includes the final portion of your 95-hour kids yoga teacher training where we truly put your efforts of learning and creating a bee you-itful experience for the young yogis you will be leading!

Mentorship includes 4 steps:

Step 1:

5 in-person observations of Bee You Yoga classes (45-60 minutes)

You will be required to observe one class in each of the following age groups: Mommy & Bee, Busy Bees (3-5 year olds), Honey Bees (4-6 year olds), Little Bees (6-9 year olds), Tween and Teen Bees (these are 2 separate classes - trainees are only required to observe one of these age groups).

During your observations you will be responsible for note taking and filling out a feedback form for each class. You will then have an in depth discussion (60 minutes) with your mentor about each sessions and what you learned and gained from the experience of observing. This portion of the mentorship is also a great way for you to observe and get an idea of which age group you would like to serve.

(10 hours total)

Step 2:

You will teach 3 classes (45-60 minutes each) where your mentor will observe you teaching. These classes may be taught at Bee You Yoga or on location at one of our contracted preschools. After teaching, you will be responsible for submitting your class sequence and fill out a brief feedback form discussing your process in sequencing and building the atmosphere for each kids class. After your 3 classes your mentor will give you feedback based on your teaching and discuss areas of opportunity and strengths to create a strong and well-informed practice for you and your students.

(6 hours total)

Step 3:

You will work with your mentor to create effective lesson plans for future classes, you will create and present original lessons and ideas for feedback and develop effective tools to present kids yoga teaching in a dynamic and purposeful way. This will also be an opportunity to help plan your next steps as a kids yoga teacher.

Step 4:

The final step in the mentorship program will be discussed further when Steps 1 - 3 are completed. Step 4 will include 3 written reflections on your experience with the Bee You Yoga Teacher Training and Mentorship Program as well as your next steps in teaching yoga and mindfulness to children.

This mentorship totals 25 hours and completes the observation/ teaching requirement for Bee You Yoga's 95-hour children's yoga training.